Liaison interpreting / escort interpreting

… i.e. with conferences and meetings .…

HS Concepts supports you on your way to your customer abroad or your colleagues from the parent company are on board and you are to handle meetings in a foreign language.

As to the mediation between the two cultures you rely on me as a facilitator and we reach your goals together. I’m happy looking at your customers’ signature after three rounds of negotiations and grateful that I had the chance to accompany your process.


Consecutive interpreting

You hold a speech in front of an audience or you speak in front of a group of people. You don’t speak their language proficiently but you want to be efficient and clear.
Solution: You focus on the evidence of your speech because HS Concepts cares about the communication in the foreign language.
(usual method = the audience listens paragraph after paragraph, first to your words and then to the interpreter’s translation)

… i.e. with speeches …

Simultaneous interpreting

There are guests from abroad who cannot follow your presentation because it’s not their mother tongue.
Solution: HS Concepts directly translates from „mouth to ear“ for your customers‘ or guests‘ convenience.
(usual technique = directional microphone in the room, headsets for those listening, separate equipment for simultaneous interpreting)

Whispered interpreting

You participate in a symposia and you are the only one not speaking the language or you meet a round of customers and you are the one not proficiently speaking the commonn language of negotiations.
Solution: Heike Schumacher whispers the information into your ear (in general standing behind you or sitting closed to you).