I know you believe you understand what you think I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” (R D Laing)


Half-day and full-day workshops

You as a parent company organize a quarterly project meeting in Germany – the team members in question do speak English every now and then and sometimes send e-mails or talk to you on the phone; they do, however, hesitate when it comes to proficiently using the foreign language in meetings and discussions.

Solution: HS Concepts designs a tailor-made workshop for your company and your employees will study real scenarios in role plays and simulations; the programme and the of the workshop is tailored to your current needs. (Sometimes a workshop series building, one building on the next could make sense.)


SKYPE sessions

You expand and you are to deal with foreign counterparts more and more; your team of consultants faces the challenge to show their expertise one to one to he customer but in a foreign language.
Travelling to language courses or having a trainer coming for regular units wouldn’t fit with regards to your time slots.

Solution: HS Concepts offers the possibility to train your personnel via SKPYE; that is to say that your employees book her individually – hence the necessary skills can be trained with flexible hours.

In the follow-up to the SKYPE sessions your staff will be receiving the corresponding e-material which is individually customized.


Group training

The term group training stands for the classical language training. That means that groups beginning with 2 people regularly meet, for instance in order to build up the foreign language or in order to each a certain language level as defined beforehand by the personnel department.

HS Concepts accompanies your training programme on your employees‘ way to proficently using the language.

Individual coaching

Being competent and proficient in the foreign language will even make you more successful on the market but you’ve taken little practice and all of a sudden you produce a case of emergency Smile!

Stay on tour with Heike SCHUMACHER until you feel safe on an international level.


Team flanking concepts

Accompanying real scenarios (team meeting, stand-up meetings), i.e. applying the „stewardess’ language “


SOS coaching (via ear clip)

You are in Paris, happily landed and found the company of your potential business associate; you are well prepared and „studied“ your role and you still have another two hours to go till you are going to meet your counterpart for the first time; but all of a sudden you feel the well known black-out moment and you are really lacking confidence and you don’t have a clue how to manage in French.”

Solution: You contact HS Concepts and you call up a time slot from the coaching package:

Heike SCHUMACHER will bring you back on track – should I be on tour somewhere I’m of course prepared to arrange for the spontaneous time slot and support you via ear clip !