MS Katja Freitag, CEO , OPTA GmbH, Bensheim (Liaison interpretung, language training)

„My solution for overcoming any obstacles to effective communication in English or French speaking countries is HS Concepts:

Thus my assistant meanwhile keeps smiling and stays relaxed when the telephone rings and the display shows 0044-…. – the reason is that she participated in a tailor-made telephone training concept. Heike Schumacher studied real scenarios with us and on top of rehearsing she provides us with the related tools and corresponding material. As a result, we can also represent competently on the phone in the foreign language.

My business associate and I often catch hold of Ms Schumacher spontaneously if we are to dial 0033-…. in order to negotiate the circumstances for delivery on the ground.”


Mr Thomas Gärtner, owner, Möbel Gärtner Lorsch (translations, liaison interpreting)

„Selling a kitchen to England? No problem having HS Concepts at my side – Heike Schumacher was supporting me over weeks translating the bargain and in parallel she did the respective translations in both languages until the woman customer signed the contract.“


Mr Allen Foster, president, cbm International, Bensheim (simultaneous & whispered interpreting)

“Heike has provided excellent translation services whether one to one interpreting if I am the only non-German-speaking person in the meeting, or for simultaneous interpretation to a group of conference participants; she is reliable, personable and a very clear and efficient translator.”


MS Esser, key account manager – trans-o-flex, Weinheim (communication training, English)

„ As an intermediate contact between my company and the customers it is essential for me to also perform my role proficiently on an international level.

In intensive individual coaching Ms Schumacher was training my abilities to speak the foreign language without hesitations – on top of that we designed customized workshops to show me how to get a standing ovation after my English presentation. I will rely on HS Concepts any time when it comes to optimizing my negotiation skills in the battle of global competition.

I enormously appreciate her sustainable approach towards students and her talent when promoting people. It seems that we reach our goals almost effortlessly with her thanks to her outstanding gift to motivate customers. Her empowerment takes us forward even when being really exhausted or facing a blackout – through her innovative ideas such as „walking training“ she brings us back into the stream of learning.”


Michael Tabbert, consultant (formerly “Head of Computer Services”) ESA/ESOC, Darmstadt

Ms Schumacher went on working for us also after having left the Agency as a permanent staff – she filled in for colleagues during their absence on annual or sick leave; we deploy her in various departments (i.e. Computer Department, Public Relations). I personally appreciate her exemplary team spirit. Beyond her excellent linguistic capabilities she is characterised by her discretion and her reliability and above all by her extraordinary talent to adapt to changing workloads and her power to face new challenges. Her initiative and enthusiasm make her a highly valuable partner in business.


Carsten Frey, marketing director, Virtual Forge, Heidelberg (translations, language trainings)

’In the best of hands with HS Concepts!’

HS Concepts is the partner of our choice for our expert translations; we appreciate the most reliable and effective approach of Heike SCHUMACHER which ensures that the unique selling points of our products are also transparent to our English speaking customers.

With mutual trust we also decided for HS Concepts in the field of English speaking communication trainings because

  • the SKYPE sessions save our employees time and effort; they are efficiently and comfortably trained on the screen; in parallel we appreciate the very effective support through respective supporting materials;
  • our summer workshop is customized meeting our current needs and is designed for us as a group; the role plays and simulations correspond to a perfect rehearsal of real scenarios thanks to the holistic customer management of HS Concepts.“


Mayor Philipp Bohrer, community of Einhausen (consecutive interpreting, translations, correspondence)

„Choosing Ms Schumacher as an interpreter since our first contact has been a lucky stroke for me and my predecessor in office. Our longstanding very good partnership relations are based on the intercultural expertise and the clear judgment of Heike Schumacher.

On top of that, the French-German friendship is enlivened by her personality and her positive charisma.

At the occasion of our 20th anniversary with our French twin town we are proud to be on tour again with HS Concepts and we are happy to have her close by our side during the entire stay.”