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Smile Smile – it does affect the tone of your voice!


“The Gods gave us each two ears and one mouth – perhaps they intended that we use them in about the same proportion”. (Philemon Rapungha)

Speaking and tasting

You appeal to the same brain synapses when enjoying an invitation to a French dinner and when speaking the language! Why don’t you spend an evening with a relaxed atmosphere, a cook and a trainer close by your side ?

  • Or you do the cooking yourself with your language coach; preparing for the event you already rehearse the situation in the foreign language.
  • We do also support you if you wish to organize a cooking event evening with friends, i.e. celebrating your birthday.

Walking Training

Your daughter is running up and then when learning her words and phrases – do not criticize her, please because she does exactly the right thing.
We can overcome our mental blocks through „Walking Training“ since physical relaxation relieves the psychological blockade.

  • Let us spend an afternoon outside and go training for a walk – I will prompt you by moderation whilst you enjoy sun, wind and wheather.
  • Sometimes I integrate this training unit into a full-day workshop or intensive to make you feel at ease again and at the same time enhance your learning capacity.

Trainer videos
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“Want to get a standing ovation after your English presentation?”

“Expressing your opinion” – sample records for repeating purposes